Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cheesecake in Raspberry Buttercream

For this week, I made a cheesecake frosted in Raspberry Buttercream. I made the cheesecake the other night and baked it for about an hour. After letting it cool on room temperature for 2 hours, I chilled it in the fridge for another 24 hours. Making cheesecake is relatively easy but takes a lot of patience because of all the time that it is required to be cooled and in the fridge before it should be eaten. I had some left over batter so I decided to pour it on some liners for a few cupcakes.

A week ago, I also did not get to bake anything because I was practicing how to make sugar flowers with royal icing. To give you an idea what it is, those are the traditional sugar flowers that we get on cakes bought on local bakeshops (i.e, Goldilocks in Manila). These were very sweet but I loved those sweet little flowers. It reminded me of my childhood because those were normally on the birthday cakes that I used to get. Anyway, it took me two frustrating hours to figure out how to get the correct
consistency of the royal icing to pipe it into a flower. The flowers that I made were not good at all, but colorful enough to be decorated on a cake. As they say, practice makes perfect. :)

The flowers with stamen below were the royal icing flowers. The rest were gumpaste.

The next day, I prepped the cheesecake by unmolding it from the pan and thawing it to room temperature. I also prepared the Raspberry Buttercream and I found an already forgotten Raspberry Extract that I had all along. Manny bought it for me a few weeks back and I forgot that I have it. I opened it and I was so surprised how good the buttercream was after I added a few drops of the extract.

I then frosted the cheesecake with a good serving of the buttercream. The light raspberry buttercream was a perfect adornment for the rich cheesecake. We had it for dessert over dinner last night and it was so indulgent!

Here's a pic of the whole cake and of the few cupcakes that I made with the leftover. I still managed to make 7 more cheese(cup)cakes out of the leftover batter, 2 of which never made it to the "decorating stage" because Manny and I snacked on it. :)

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