Sunday, December 18, 2011

Adam's Birthday Cake

It's Adam's birthday today and although he never asked me to bake him a birthday cake, I know it will make him really happy if I made one. I had been a real lazy baker all year, and most of the time, I would bake and would not be able to take a picture.

So today I made a Chocolate Cake from my dear Sarah Phillips, and with Chocolate Ganache. Adam's family is coming over today for his birthday so I had to make sure I have dessert. I also made a Raspberry Cream Cheese Pound Cake filled and topped with Raspberry Jam. It's a good way to eat cake right? Chocolate and Raspberry. It was yummy!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Raspberry Macarons

Happy new year everyone! The year so far had been really hectic with work that even if I wanted to keep my oven burning, I just did not have the time and the energy. I made some Macarons yesterday, Adam asked if "we" could bake some macarons because his sister loves them and it's her birthday. So "we" ( ~meaning me and my lonesome self) baked the macarons as a birthday present. I did the baking, and he did the tasting. :) It's pretty convenient knowing how to bake, worst case scenario is always having to give baked goods as presents - which is a very good gift actually. I would love to receive some homemade baked goodies myself, but I never get any.

My macaron recipe is of course from my dear Sarah Phillips of Baking911. Her recipe is very easy to follow, plus it does not require aging of eggs which I see in other macaron recipes. Making macarons is often time intimidating, and even if I made it several times already, I'm still crossing my fingers every time I put a batch in the oven. And look at how the macarons came out! They are so pretty. Macarons is love!