Saturday, September 5, 2009

Orange You Glad

I made some Orange Butter Cupcakes last night as gift for Thet who is expecting her third baby. It was actually for her birthday two years ago that I made my first butter cake, when I was just starting to learn how to bake and since then, that butter cake recipe has been a staple for me. Sarah Philip's Ultimate Butter Cake recipe is the best butter cake recipe there is, because it bakes really flat, really moist and so delicious. And I get to make a lot of variations out of it, the most uncommon of which is probably the parmesan cheese variation that I made back home. I made some with mango too, but I guess it isn't uncommon.

I chose to make Orange this time because I have some Grand Marnier that I could use for the buttercream. And I wanted a neutral color for Thet, so I chose a color that is not specific for a girl or a boy (or come to think of it, orange is more of a girly color too!).

I wanted to make a cupcake with only one color, decorations included. I made some orange flowers to go with the cupcakes. Only when I was already making my gumpaste flowers did I realize that I left a bunch of my cutters and tools back home. I left my mini rolling pin, my 5 petal cutter, my daisy cutter and a few more small flower cutters back home! I remembered that I put it aside altogether after using it for Carlo's wedding. (And I also left a bunch of other non-baking stuff, including a few sheets that I love, favorite clothes, etc.). Anyway, here's how the cupcakes looked like. I gave all of it to Thet without having tasted the final cupcake. I just had the crumbs and a little of the buttercream separately. I do bet my life on it though that it is very good - with a perfect recipe and pretty baker, what could go wrong? LOL! Hehe kidding. :)

Best wishes to Mike and Thet! Hope you guys have a safe pregnancy!