Sunday, September 21, 2008

White Chocolate Butter Cupcakes

What do you bake when you've got a huge headache? Cupcakes, of course. :) These are White Chocolate Butter Cupcakes topped with Raspberry Buttercream.

I have not had Butter Cupcakes for quite sometime now and I kind of craved for it the other day. I decided to make some with the White Chocolate variation. The cupcakes were very easy to make, and I just added some Callebaut White Chocolates on the last mix with the flour. It also baked perfectly! Whenever I bake this recipe, I always end up throwing out a few pieces or leave it undecorated to be eaten as test pieces because the cupcake falls off the liners. However this time, I yielded a 100%! I did not have a single piece that peeled off from the liner. I cooled the cupcakes first and then frosted with the buttercream.

I also wanted to decorate the cupcakes afterwards with some fancy flowers but the cupcakes ended up being how it looks like in the photo. I had a really huge headache over the weekend and even if I really wanted to make some decorations for the cake, I ended up doing nothing. I very rarely get headaches and I hate it when I do because it will be some downtime. I even went to work yesterday, only to end up going home after an hour at work because of the horrible headache. Anyway, back to the cupcakes, it still tasted good despite the headache drama. The white chocolate gave the cupcakes a different layer of flavor and the raspberry buttercream was a perfect adornment for the butter flavor. I'm kind of loving the raspberry buttercream right now, it is very light but so delicious!

Meanwhile back home, Ly gave birth already to baby Sam a couple of weeks back, and Ice gave birth a few days ago to a baby girl named Jem. Congrats Ly and Manueli, and Bry and Ice!

And about the headache, I still have it right now while blogging. Please make it go away.

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