Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chewy Cookies

I managed to bake some cookies today to send home. I was planning on making at least 4 cookie flavors but I ended up with 2. The cookie tin that I will be using to put the cookies in was a lot smaller than I thought and after putting in a few pieces of the first batch of cookies, there was very little space left. I made Sarah's Thick-With-A-Chew Chocolate Chip Cookies first, and then make the Peanut Butter Version next. I thought of making some cookies using a new recipe but I thought not to bother since I have very good recipes and my parents have not tried any of my cookies anyway. So I'm sending them the best cookies out of very reliable recipes.

I made the cookies while cooking dinner. It's easy to make but it's so good! During my pre-baking days here in Israel, Manny and I would go to the building next to ours and buy a 6NIS (or 2USD) to buy a piece of cookie, and it was not even that good! Hehe.

So now the cookies are all canned up and sealed ready to bring back home. I'm pretty sure these cookies will make it because it can easily be in the luggage unlike the cupcakes that I sent which the airport security turned upside down. The cookies were so chewy and the flavors are wonderful! I'm pretty sure they would love these, I just hope my mama would not give some of the chocolate chips to Creamy! :)

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