Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Travelling Cupcakes

Manny is going on a business trip to San Diego next week and at the last minute, he decided to go home first before going to San Diego. So instead of leaving next week, he left very early today for a flight to Manila. Not without me sending some cupcakes for my parents and Creamy, of course. :)
I started getting interested in baking around October of last year, and the interest grew into a hobby, and now after 8 months, I'd say that it became a passion. My family had not tasted any of my baked goodies yet, and I think it was good that they were not there when I was just starting! My family is such a food critic and my brother is the worst of them all being the chef that he is! Had they tried my first attempts at baking, they probably would have told me to just be an engineer. LOL! So now, regardless of what they'd say about the cupcakes that I sent them, I would not be dissuaded, I am now a baker (a novice, that is!).

I sent them 18 cupcakes with four varieties. I wanted it to be a sampler of the chocolate, butter and fruity cupcakes that I previously made, but decided to just stick with basic flavors without the fruity ones. It surely would perish after the 16-hour flight.

This is the Ultimate Chocolate Cupcake by Sarah Philips with melted dark chocolate inside. The melted chocolate inside made it so decadent! I also glazed it with some melted bittersweet chocolates on top and frosted with Vanilla Buttercream.

This next one is still the same chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolates inside, this time topped with melted white chocolates and frosted with Strawberry Buttercream.

Yet this one is also the chocolate cupcakes, however this variety has melted white chocolates inside. I simply glazed it with melted bittersweet chocolate. This one is so sinfully rich with chocolates!

This variety is my favorite combination, the Ultimate Butter Cupcake with White Chocolate Raspberry Ganache. Just thinking about it makes me seem like I gained a pound or two!

And here's another shot of the lot that I sent home. I called my mom the other day and I asked her over and over again not to give creamy any of the chocolatey stuff! She easily gives in when Creamy stares at her with all those cute droopy puppy eyes.
I do hope hope the cupcakes arrive in one piece, although while Manny was in Amsterdam, he told me that the security officer at Tel Aviv turned the luggage over. Good thing we added support so that it would stay in place even if it's flipped over (hehe!). Anyway, I have photos of how it originally looked like so even if it get beaten, it should be good enough. I hope they would like the cupcakes!
Oh and while I was cleaning up stuff at my house today, I saw this bag which had the Hugo family's gift for me on my birthday. Iya wrote all the text below, she has such a nice handwriting for a four year old! :)

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Thet said...

uy thanks for posting iya's 1st "letter". napaka wa kwents ko nanay di ko man lang na document yan haha..

huy sana magamit mo one of these days yung bigay namin ;)