Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Whimsical Flower Cake

I got my Cake Bible today as a present and I read it to look for that first recipe that I can bake straightly lifted from it. I opted for an easier recipe and decided to make a White Chocolate Whisper Cake. The cake itself will be made with some melted White Chocolates on it. Sounds yummy! Nobody's going to eat it though at the house so I will probably just bring it to the office for breakfast. I decided to frost it with a White Chocolate Raspberry Ganache for that ultimate White Chocolate blast!

The book was very good but had I started with it and not with baking911, the book would probably be lost in translation. I was even more meticulous this time, weighing my ingredients instead of measuring. Rose' recipes always start with mixing the flour first and then adding the butter and the liquid ingredients. As I had always been, I am not comfortable doing it this way. I am more comfortable doing it the other way around, that is creaming first then adding the flour at the last step. But this time around, I guess it was ok. I started getting a little comfortable with the inverted routing, this time I just need to soften the butter before hand.
The cake was done after 25mins in the oven and I frosted it afterwards.

Here's a slice of the cake. I kind of messed up cutting it because I don't have a really sharp knife or a cake cutter. It still looked good though. And at least the frosting inside looked decent enough to be served in a party. LOL!

Another shot of the slice. I wanted to take another slice for better photo but opted not to or else I will end up eating it!

Here's a closer look of the whimsical roses of the cake. These are gum paste flowers tinted in Yellow and Pink and the leaves tinted Green.
I just got today my Cake Bible from Tita Len and today's cake is the first that I directly lifted from it. I got from her a big box with pans, spatula, smootheners and even a shot glass! I was so happy, I was like a kid opening her 7th birthday present.

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