Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mom's day to all my mommy friends and family, and to the soon to be moms. Apparently, Israel does not celebrate this day as Mother's day so it was just pretty normal day here. And oh, I went back to work after a 4 day Israeli holiday plus weekend so I am still on the slow side of things.
Over the 4 non-working day, I just took time to get back on my sleeping groove, and that means sleeping at 11PM and waking up at 11AM, and then taking naps in between
(the life!). I did not manage to get anything done except for few inevitable work calls. And because of this, I did not manage to bake anything new that I'd been wanting to try had I been given the time. I wanted to bake some lemon pies, make some gum paste sugar flowers, but I ended up baking the Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies above.
We managed to go to the market last Saturday though, out of sheer necessity. It was a dire need, otherwise I'd probably be eating flour for the weekend (hehe exag!). I have all types though, I have the all purpose, the cake flour and the self raising flour! LOL!
When we went to this Russian market, I bought 2 dozen eggs among other stuff. The last time I went there, I bought some eggs from the same stall and they're really very fresh. Now after going home, I was to cook some eggs for brunch and I was utterly surprised that the first egg that I cracked had 2 yolks! P
ardon my ignorance but I had not been spending as much time in the kitchen as I do now, and I was really shocked to see the yolks that I had to take a photo of it.
Now as I finished (barely, after much laughs) frying the first one, I cracked another one again and it was the same, two yolks again! It looks totally weird! Imagine having your sunny side up eggs with 2 yolks! After brunch, I again cracked another egg for the cookies, and it's the same thing, 2 effin' yolks. Hehe. This time, I really had to google it, I can't go on having all my 2 dozen eggs to have multiple yolks. I found out that this is an abnormality in the reproductive system of the hen normally when the hen starts to lay eggs earlier than its full maturity. Anyway, the more important thing is that it's safe to eat. So there goes my strange encounter with eggs, and I'm still amazed. Now I still have to figure out how to adjust my recipes assuming all of the eggs turn out to be with the 2 yolks.

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