Saturday, January 19, 2008

Irish Cream Liquer Cupcakes

Here are my cupcakes for the weekend. I had been very busy over the week so no time to bake some cupcakes. For this week, I made some Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Chips inside (as requested by Manny) and frosted with Chocolate Ganache laced with Irish Cream Liquer. I can't seem to find Bailey's here but I found other Irish Cream Liquor brands. I bought Fenney's and I used it for this recipe. The frosting does not taste alcoholic at all, but it gives the chocolate a different tanginess, making it seem like I used an expensive Belgian chocolate for the frosting. Well I did use a chocolate with 75% Cocoa content, so it's a little on the high end side. Above is my attempt at making basket weaves. It needs a lot of practice. :)
Now here's my cupcake ala-Magnolia. It's topped with Sugar Sprinkles. The sprinkles add a little twist to the frosting. The frosting is a Ganache so it's not sweet at all. The Sugar Sprinkles makes it slightly on the sweeter side.
Here's my classic swirls topped with Sugar Flowers and Dragees. I'm still on my quest for that perfect swirl. The chocolate chips inside the cuppies look like raisins. The chocolates inside were very soft and chewy.

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