Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike!

It's Mike's nth birthday today (secret raw) and I made him some cupcakes. I made him Chocolate Chip Blast Cupcakes with Ultimate Vanilla Buttercream frosting. In our office here in IDC, it is their tradition that if it's your birthday, you are supposed to bring your own cake to share with everyone. So there, I made him cupcakes to share with his PPV peers. We were all joking that I had "low yield" for my cupcakes. My overall yield is only 68.75%. For a normal recipe which yields me 16 cupcakes, I only got 11.
We all had dinner at Giraffe (Me, Manny, Ruben, Daniel and Mike) and had a whole load of dishes that turned my empty stomach upside down. We had fried rice, the "Philippine Dish" (which is not a tad bit Filipino), calamaris, chicken something and the Giraffe special which seemed to have had all their available ingredients in one big bowl. Afterwards, we went to Greg's for coffee where we stayed only for a few minutes because I had to go home (go figure why I had to go home!). It was a fun get together, with Mike sharing his and Thet's love story (hehehe). And as usual, Daniel would be in the hot seat because we keep nagging him if he has a secret girlfriend and we keep setting him up with our girl friends.
Anyway, today was a fun day. And they liked the cupcakes (or at least that's what Mike said). And since it was low yield, I was only able to pinch few crumbs to taste how my cupcakes went. :)

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