Friday, November 9, 2007

The Ultimate Butter Cake by Sarah Phillips

I tried baking the UBC again over the weekend and I tried to experiment this time with the flours available to me here in Israel. I made the first cake using the all-purpose flour here and the second cake with self-raising cake flour (this is the only cake flour that I can find here). I tried to replicate everything so that the only difference is the flour. I baked both cakes at 40mins. The first cake rose to a little over an inch. The second cake rose to around over 2 inches.

First Cake (All-Purpose Flour)

Second Cake (Cake Flour)

The only difference that I saw (aside from the height) was the color. The 1st cake was yellowish, and the 2nd cake was a shade darker, close to gold. Otherwise, the texture was the same and both tasted good. Here's the final cake (the 1st cake on top of the 2nd) with White Chocolate Strawberry Ganache and Strawberry Glaze Filling. For the ganache, I have missed a few chocolate bits in fear of overmixing. I'll make sure to melt everything next time.

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