Saturday, November 10, 2007

My First Marshmallow Fondant

For this week, I wanted make a White Velvet Cake with Neoclassic Buttercream covered with Marshmallow Fondant. I am a little comfortable already with baking cakes and creating frostings and buttercream but this is the first time I am trying out a fondant. I have big baking dreams, but had always been scared of creating my own fondant, in fear of wasting ingredients (especially powdered sugar).
First step is I baked the White Velvet Cake. I made 2 9 by 1 inch cakes baked in two batches which I will make into 2 layers. The recipe that I got from Sarah Phillips turned out to be very good! Next is I created my Neoclassic French Buttercream. I also made some strawberry glaze for filling. After cooling the cakes, I started icing it and glazing it with the strawberry glaze and I left it overnight to crust.
I also started concocting my Marshmallow fondant. I started with melting the marshmallows in microwave for 10secs high. I am supposed to use mini white ones (according to the recipe) but all I could get from Tivtaam are large white and pink ones. Better than nothing though! After melting, I added the corn syrup and the vanilla extract and then I sifted the powdered sugar on it 1 cup at a time. My fondant started taking shape when I was at my 6th cup. Then I started kneading first with my dough hook attachment then with my hand afterwards. My fondant turned out to be slightly pink. I left it to rest in an airtight ziplock. The next day, I started rolling my fondant to get around 16-inch cover for my cake. I am supposed to roll out at around 1/8 to ¼ thick but I cannot go that thin because my fondant started to break. It was very smooth though. After rolling, I placed the fondant of top of my cake, and then trimmed the bottom part. Being the beginner that I am, some sides have short skirts so the cake inside is exposed. I have to line it and decorate to hide the exposed part. After placing the fondant, my cake was round, and the edges on top were not visible. It should not be that way, but I cannot remedy it. I will just charge it to experience. :) Anyway, afterwards I started decorating with linings, flowers and stars which I found difficult to make because my fondant started to get crumbly and brittle. It was very dry and hard to knead. Even if I wanted to create nice flowers, I gave up because the fondant was very dry. So here’s my final cake. It doesn’t look very nice, but it’s delicious!

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