Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Homemade Pizza

Having been relocated in Israel for so long, I have scoured all places that I possibly could in search for the perfect pizza. Well I'm kinda shallow, my definition of a perfect pizza is a Shakey’s-Like Pizza. Thinking about it right now, I also miss Round Table Pizza’s! and In-N-Out burger! That’s totally another project. After having been baking for the last two months, I ventured in creating my own pizza crust (thin crust!) and creating my own pizza.
Creating the crust easier than I thought it would be. All I needed was some dry yeast, all-purpose flour, salt and sugar! After kneading, I created a 12-inch thin crust dough which I covered with tomato/meat sauce, parmesan cheese. Then I topped it with ground meat, shrimps, calamari, pepperoni, garlic, onion, oyster mushrooms and then covered it again with parmesan. It was so good, we finished the pizza for dinner!

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