Saturday, December 1, 2007

My First “Paid” Cake

And my first customer is Jon! He asked me to make a cake for a friend’s birthday and immediately, I knew what to bake and how to ice it. I baked 2 8-inch Ultimate Butter Cakes and it turned out perfectly. I was creating Vanilla Mantecado for personal consumption and I used the extra ingredients for the “paid” cake. I brushed it with Tres Leches Sauce, and then drizzled with a little Arequipe Sauce. Then I frosted the cake with a Caramelized Meringue Frosting. I left it overnight to crust and was planning covering it with rolled fondant the next day. I mixed the ingredients for the fondant, rolled it and covered the cake. However, I ruined the fondant when I covered the cake. I still cannot figure out until now what went wrong with the rolled fondant. I used the same ingredients and same amounts the last time and I had it correctly. I still need to find the root cause! :) Anyway, I need a plan B! I was thinking if I could just whip up a regular buttercream icing, or cooking up a poured fondant. I opted for the second. I cooked poured fondant and colored it pink since the one who will blow the cake is a girl. When we were ready to pour it, Manny place a plastic plate at the top of the cake so that we will not accidentally pour fondant on it. The idea is to drizzle the fondant and let it drip on the sides of the cake. After a few tedious minutes of drizzling and turning the cake around, we finished with the fondant and transferred it to the box. I added some chocolate dragees on the top of the cake. Here’s the cake all boxed up. I have a cupcake from the same batter of the cake and it tastes awesome! And I think they liked the cake because I have another order next weekend. :)

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