Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cheesecake and White Chocolate Strawberry Mousse

Ever since I started thinking of baking again, I had always wanted to make a mousse. I have never made a mousse before because in Israel, all the available cakes for sale were mostly mousse. I started to learn how to bake because I missed the bready, buttercreamy cakes. I also like my cheesecakes denser, and they're so fluffy in Israel.

Hence, necessity is the mother of invention.

Now that I'm away from Israel for so long (excluding that one excursion last March for a 2-week business trip), I long for some mousse once in a while. I had been thinking of what to do together with a mousse. I can't eat a mousse just by itself, I want something else with it. I was thinking of whether to do it with a sponge cake at the bottom, or some cheesecake. I opted with the later.

So here's my Cheesecake and Strawberry Mousse. It has some Graham Crust, Sarah's Luscious and Creamy No-Crack Cheesecake on the middle layer, then a variety of Sarah's White Chocolate Strawberry Mousse on the next layer, then some home made strawberry glaze on top, with some Italian Buttercream on the side. Sounds like a lot!

For the mousse, instead of using Raspberry, I used fresh strawberries, pureed it in the food processor for about 30 secs. And then I added an extra envelop of gelatin to make it hold as a layer when chilled in the fridge. I baked the cheesecake first, then chilled it, before adding the mousse layer on top.

The recipe takes a lot of time to make, but it's not really hard to do. All the wait was so worth it, everything was so good and the flavors just blended together! There's just everything to love about the recipe!

I was planning on taking a nice picture of a slice of it with some fancy garnish, but I ended up just taking a quick photo because I had to bring the cake somewhere else. Oh well, I can take a picture of a slice next time.

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