Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mocha Buttercream

I had originally planned on working this weekend but after having had a very early meeting yesterday, I ended up sleeping through the entire day. And because I had a lot of sleep during the day, I slept very late already, and woke up very late today! It does become a vicious cycle! Haha. As always during weekends, I plan on baking something that would get us by the breakfasts in the office. Breakfasts here in our office are european/mediterranean. I always bring my own breakfast because I am not really into eating bell peppers, fresh olives, tomatoes and cream cheese in the morning. I want my fried rice, egg and daing!
Anyways, I made some Yellow Vanilla cupcakes topped with Mocha Buttercream today. The Yellow cupcake recipe that I used turned out to be slightly crunchy and dense making it very filling. It is my first time making some Mocha Buttercream which turned out to be very rich and yummy!
I swirled the frosting on top of the cupcakes and I topped it with a few pieces of silver and pearl dragees. I will be meeting up with Thet and Ate Jen later so I'll bring them a few pieces.

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Thet said...

Halu! thanks again for the cupcake! syempre mabenta na naman kay Iya! lol!