Friday, March 14, 2008

Chocolate Revel Bars

Today is my first free day after 2 weeks. I had been very busy at work for the past 2 weeks, and then we went to Jordan for a quick 3-day vacation last weekend. We drove to the border, then took a taxi going to Amman where we stayed for the entire time. Then we went to Petra for a day trip. I was tired after going back here in Haifa! As they say when you take a vacation, "you need to take a vacation to relax after your vacation!".

I spent the entire day today fixing things around the house. I have a 3-week laundry load that I started to do today (and at 11pm, I have one load of beige/cream colored clothes left). Then there's the sheets that I needed to change, bed that I needed to do, dust the entire house, clean the bathroom and cook meals for my hungry tummy! I pretty much did everything today, and when I was standing at the middle of the living room, I saw one big something that I forgot to do...remove the Christmas tree! It's already March and I still have it in the middle of the room! :)

Anyway, in between all of those things, I managed to take a nap, and bake something just to satisfy the sweet tooth craving. While cooking tapsilog for brunch (which is more like a lunner, or dunch...because it's at 2pm already), I prepared the batter for the Chocolate Revel Bars. I remember talking with Lemon in YM a few months back and she said she loves Revel Bars. I thought I haven't tried one yet and I googled it and found that it was how it is called! I have tried it already after all! I started looking for a recipe back then. However, I can't find a decent one. I tried looking again today (with the laptop in the kitchen counter while cooking) and I failed to find that perfect recipe. What I just then did is to take 3 recipes from the web, and interlace it based on my very short baking career. LOL!

I did the mixing of the batter in parallel while I was frying the beef tapa that I made, and by the time that the beef was done, I was starting baking the Revel Bars. After finishing our lunch, the Revel Bars were also done. It baked for around 40 minutes. We had it for dessert and it was very good. Not too sweet, chocolatey, soft and crunchy because of the oatmeal. It was very good for a quick baking fix. Let me know if you'd like some! :)


Kathleen said...

omg, slurp slurp, i love revel bars, can you post your recipe at baking911 for me to copy hehehe. I love your blog, i've bookmarked it already. Cheers!

~simplykate (that's my id at baking911, see you there too!)

Odette said...

Hi kathleen! I am working on typing the recipe properly. I was writing it on a notebook while I was baking it (nerd!) and I'll transfer it online. I will post it in baking911 (although I'm a little shy, I'm such a newbie in baking). hehehe.

marla said...

i would like some! can u send some to me? :D

karen said...

WOW revel bars!!! i was a bit busy for long time, ngayon ko lng nacheck ulit blog mo..

can u send some for me too? :P hala ka, nagccrave na tuloy ako! bawal madisappoint ang buntis. hehe. dagdagan mo na rin ng ibang cupcakes ha. :D sana d pa sira pag nakarating sa SG.. hehe. -lems