Saturday, February 23, 2008

Birthday Cuppies

It's Ate Jen's birthday today and as a gift for her, I made her some cupcakes. She wanted a chocolate mousse cake, but I did not have the time to make her one, so instead, I whipped up a chocolate cupcake recipe that I could make fast. Manny's parents were already going back to San Jose today and we brought them to the airport in Tel Aviv at 2:30am. We were back in Haifa at around 6am. Being tired and all, I slept until 2pm, stayed in bed until 3pm, got up only when my stomach was already grumbling from hunger :) Plus, I ate my very late lunch for more than an hour because of the Sharapova-Radwanska Qatar Open game on TV. Having slept almost the entire day, I was not able to make Ate Jen's chocolate mousse.
Anyway, I managed to make her some chocolate cupcakes with melted chocolate filling inside frosted with raspberry buttercream and topped with some sugar dragees.
Manny and I went to her place at around 9pm. She had a party and we had some Filipino food for dinner. She liked the cakes and cupcakes that I previously made and she did not want to share these new ones to anyone! :) LOL!

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