Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sarah's Glazed Lemon Cake

After all the business trips, the travelling and the long hours at work, I am just happy to get a few hours of total freedom. I very rarely get days's off - a really free day, with nothing to do and no plans. I just planned on sleeping in today until around lunch time, but my stomach was already grumbling at around 930am. I was planning on going out of the house today, stop by the nearest Starbucks at Broadstone and get a coffee and a slice of their lemon cake. Their lemon cake is actually decent and I normally have it together with my morning coffee if I get the time before work. I was too lazy today though to get dressed and go out of the house, but the craving for the tangy lemon taste lingered. I decided to make my own cake with my own coffee. I still have a lot of Jamaican Ground Roast at home, and I love it. I just don't always have the time to make coffee at home.

I have Sarah's Glazed Lemon Cake on had, I've had it for so long and I had always wanted to try it since I love Lemon Cakes. So I decided to bake and while at it, I have started tinkering my new D40 and the new 17-55 lens. The lens doesn't fly with my apartment's low light and my kitchen, so I switched the lens with my trustee 50mm. Worked as always.

After about 45 minutes, I have that smell of freshly baked cake filling my kitchen. It smelled like lemons! I am hungry, and excited. I glazed the cake, cut it into 9 pieces since it's an 8x8 square cake, made my coffee, sat in a chair and started eating my breakfast. What a wonderful morning.

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