Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ice and Ly's Baby Shower

Two of my bestfriends from college, Lyra and Ice are both expecting and are due to have their babies on September with Ly having baby Sam a few weeks than Ice's Jem. While I was on vacation in the Philippines, Chen, who's also on vacation in the Philippines, planned a baby shower for both of them and I volunteered to prepare some cupcakes for the party. So last July 11, the moms-to-be had their baby shower at Chen and Bondi's place in Greenhills. Wonderful photos are from Ging (visit her awesome photo blog!) and Tin and Buddy.

Here are the girls looking radiant with their baby bumps. They're even wearing coordinated shirts that says "Due in SEPT".

And the cupcakes. I made Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes and Strawberry Butter Cupcakes topped with Vanilla Buttercream. It was a little difficult making the cupcakes using an oven that I never used before and with very limited tools like having to do with a hand mixer. Mama's oven was pretty much unused for the entire year (the last use was Dec last year for some Christmas hams she made) so it was very "cold". It choked up a few times in the middle of my baking and temperature fluctuates so the cakes were not as moist as I wanted it to be. I was also supposed to make Pink and Blue cupcakes because Ly is having a boy and Ice is having a girl. The mint green ones were supposed to be light blue but for some reason, the color that I bought at the supermarket back home won't give me the light blue hue that I wanted. Here's how the cupcakes looked like. Here's Ly and Chen sampling the cupcakes.
Parents-to-be Bryan and Ice also taking a bite. And Manueli! I love this shot!
The Dacios, Manuel and Ly with Baby Sam in mommy's tummy, during Charades.
And the Cabicos, Bryan and Ice with Baby Jem.

Some of the fun games that Chen prepared for everyone. Here's Donald during Charades.
Roy and Buddy during that glug-glug game (I don't know how it's called!).
And it's us girls enjoying some Pancit and Barbecue for dinner.
I had fun at the party, and I bet the everyone had a great time. It was nice seeing old friends again. Thanks Chen for planning out the baby shower party. It was a blast! And here's Chen with her and Bondi's gwapo bundle of joy, Seb.

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